Crooked Heart

by Recluse

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    Crooked Heart Reviews:

    "Recluse strike the right balance between classic rock & modern rock... their music is weighty & impressive, (4/5)” Big Cheese Magazine

    "Crooked Heart is a brilliant piece for British rock!" Room Thirteen

    "All 11 tracks of Crooked Heart are pure dynamite" The Bite Magazine

    "Crooked Heart gives us 11 tracks of solid gold" Hevy Petal

    "A dose of heavy duty metallic stoner blues" Metal Talk


    1. Come on Over
    2. All of a Sudden
    3. Passing Cars
    4. In Retrospect
    5. Heartjacker
    6. Dirty Blonde
    7. Hush
    8. Lover
    9. Crown of Sleep
    10. Porterhouse Blues
    11. Calmer Killer

    Download (including CD album tracks)
    12. Passing Cars (acoustic)
    13. All of a Sudden (acoustic demo)
    14. Heartjacker (acoustic demo)
    15. Remain (demo)
    16. Come on Over (Live on BRfm)
    17. All of a Sudden (Live on BRfm)
    18. In Retrospect (Live on BRfm)
    19. Passing Cars (Live on BRfm)
    20. Dirty Blonde (Live on BRfm)
    21. Heartjacker (Live on BRfm)
    22. Temper (Live on BRfm)
    23. Porterhouse Blues (Live on BRfm)
    24. Breed (Live)

    Includes unlimited streaming of Crooked Heart via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Room Thirteen

Crooked Heart is a brilliant piece for British rock! Come on Over introduces the album quite well with some skilfully crafted guitar work combining beautifully with drums... All the songs are genuinely infectious... The beginning of All of a Sudden is strange, an echoing of the tune is played which sends the ears awry, making it feel like your brain might melt at any minute and drip from your ears onto the surrounding areas around you... The band are clearly big fans of long instrumentals as they're dotted throughout the album, but they're so intense and complex that you don't find yourself getting bored, more loving every minute of it... What separates Recluse from other bands available on the market today is that they're not producing the same thing that everyone else is... every song is unique and is done justice... Recluse offer the British music scene a fighting chance with this album. Amazing guitar riffs put into great songs, making this an album to be listened to by any fan of rock.


Loud Stuff

From the opening riffs of Come On Over there’s a real sense of funky good time rock to these guys... Softened vocals contrast against the powerful music before building to an equally powerful crescendo, matching the pounding backing music and giving the sound a sense of the South tinged with some real funk... All Of A Sudden, once again keeping everything at a solid pace and throwing in some almost Dave Grohl vocals (think early Foo Fighters) to match the mix, elevating the track into something which I wouldn’t think out of place on any festival stage around the UK.... As an album this is one which you’ll listen to and enjoy... providing you with 11 tracks of enjoyment, each one holding something slightly different to the one before... I love the world that’s created when you crack this album on to play, you’re transported to a new world where the rules don’t apply, the music is all that matters and you’re left to simply enjoy every single second of it.


The Bite Magazine

All 11 tracks of Crooked Heart are pure dynamite. Starting with opening track Come on Over, the catchy riffs and impassioned vocals keep you hooked throughout. Second track All of a Sudden sweeps you away on a voyage of musical magic. Third track Passing Cars is for me is the stand out track of the album, the track is just so emotionally charged. In Retrospect is track number four is energetic, bass heavy and hard hitting and leads nicely in to Heartjacker which in comparision to the rest of the album is the edgiest track. Dirty Blonde, Hush and Lover are also flawless tracks each soung slightly different yet with the unique sound of Recluse. While Croen of Sleep shows a different side to Recluse, haunting vocals, it's something very special. The final two tracks Porterhouse Blues and Calmer Killer are decent tracks and show that, if this is what Recluse have to offer 2012 should be their year.



Recluse; small band, big sound.

Even the simple hefty riff at the opening of 'Come On Over' makes you question why this isn't currently being played on every rock and indie radio station in the country.

There is a sort of penetrating rawness to alot of the tracks, which is especially evident in 'Heartjacker', but far from being a criticism this actually lends an edge to the already sharp sound making for a mix of songs that seem to physically mark you, leaving their impression long after the songs are over.
In fact you get so addicted to the harsh guitars and deep reverberating bass that when you get to a song like 'Crown of Sleep' your quite taken aback. The Recluse that your getting here are not just a catchy chorus; they can be haunting, and at some points even beautiful.

The whole album echoes of Audioslave and early Foo Fighters, the tough guitar and rousing lyrics resonates of a band taking steps towards what should prove to be a career of epic proportions.

With a distinct sardonic attitude and authoritative presence i can guarantee that Crooked Heart will quickly twist its way into your soul and leave you reeling for more.


Hevy Petal

Emerging from Cardiff, South Wales, is a three-piece Alt Rock band called Recluse. Their debut studio album set for release in October 2011, Crooked Heart, is already a force to be reckoned with.

Crooked Heart gives us 11 tracks of solid gold. From the get go, with opening track Come On Over, the catchy riffs and emotive vocals supplied by frontman Britt demand our attention and keep us hooked throughout. As we move onto second track All of a Sudden, bass player Tom delivers slick rhythm that is perfectly matched to Alex’s tight drumming. The song carries us along on a journey, narrated with smooth vocals, and makes us wonder why this band cannot be heard on the radio at every available opportunity.

Third track Passing Cars sees Britt’s purrs of ‘Could I ever live without it/I don’t want to think about it’ inevitably set in stone our inability to live without Recluse. Think this might be overestimating them? Grab a listen to Crooked Heart and allow this three-piece band to infect your head and heart; they will fill a hole you never even knew existed. In Retrospect is track number four and combines energetic riffs with heavy bass and hard hitting drums, leading nicely into Heartjacker which in comparison to the other songs on this album, has an edge to it that definitely makes it the standout song. The exquisite rawness allows frontman Britt to show the vocal range he is capable of and kick things into sixth gear.

Considering there are only three members that make up Recluse, it is quite something for the songs produced to be of such a high quality. This really is a case of small band, massive sound.

Dirty Blonde, Hush and Lover are no exception to the almost flawless standards set by Recluse, each song bringing something slightly new to the journey that this album takes us on. Crown Of Sleep shows us that this Recluse is not just hard hitting and laden with heavy bass, but can be beautiful. Haunting vocals supplied by Britt float over supple guitar riffs, Tom’s underlying gentle bass and feather light drumming by Alex in order to create something that is just a little special. Track number ten Porterhouse Blues and closer track Calmer Killer precedes the curtain call on an debut album that is sure to launch Recluse into bigger and better things.

If Crooked Heart is a taste of what’s to come, then it is safe to say that Recluse may well be onto a winner.


released 28 October 2011



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Recluse Cardiff

Recluse are an Alt Rock band from South Wales.

Debut album 'Crooked Heart' is available from all major online stores.

"The pure meat and noise produced from these three guys are so strong that once they've peirced your head you can almost feel your mind bleed" Gig Reviewer

If you wish to book Recluse please email recluseuk [at]
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