The Quiet Hours

by Recluse

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Praise for The Quiet Hours already includes:
"I'd give anything for that guitar sound" Adam Walton BBC Radio

"The Quiet Hours is an exciting album for you to immerse yourself with. Highly Recommended" Sludgelord

"The vocals know how to be fragile without being neither weak nor whining. In the same way the instruments that know how to be powerful without taking up all the space. Rather, it is the band as a whole that manages to roar together and fill the space it has reserved." Les Immortels

Brief Bio:
Following on from their highly praised debut studio album Crooked Heart, Recluse have embarked on promoting their new album The Quiet Hours throughout 2015. Progressing from the darkly lyrical "slow burning, chunky, bluesy, riff-fest" (Metal Talk) of their debut album Crooked Heart, Recluse reconvened in the winter of 2014 to record The Quiet Hours with Doom guru Chi Lameo (Spider Kitten) at his own Pentastar Studios. Expanding on their sound, The Quiet Hours is a darker, heavier and more complex album than it's predecessor that more suitably captures the heavy groove of the band's live act.

Recluse have played the local South Wales scene and festivals throughout the UK with a great response to their dynamic and powerful live show. Recluse regularly play alongside the UK's up-and-coming bands such as Henry's Funeral Shoe, Kyshera, Bad Sign and Spider Kitten. Drawing comparisons to Soundgarden, Queens Of The Stone Age and the desert rock scene, the album seamlessly blends the moody, acoustic-driven calmness of songs such as 'Bury Us Separately' with the driving heaviness of tracks such as 'Machine's Way' and 'Soothe'.

Recluse are currently in the planning stages of their UK and European tour, autumn 2015.

Other praise for Recluse includes:
"Recluse Produce a heavy, bass filled sound laced with good, emotive vocals which do the well penned lyrics the justice they deserve" Stereoboard

"Crooked Heart is a slow burning, chunky, bluesy, riff-fest" Metal Talk

"Crooked Heart is a brilliant piece of British Rock!" Room Thirteen

"All 11 tracks of Crooked Heart are pure dynamite" The Bite Magazine


released July 31, 2015

(C) 2015
Music - Recluse
Lyrics - Britt

Recorded at Pentastar Studios (Newport) by Chi Lameo (Spider Kitten)



all rights reserved


Recluse Cardiff

Recluse are an Alt Rock band from South Wales.

They are releasing their 2nd album The Quiet Hours on 31 July 2015.

"I'd give anything for that guitar sound"
Adam Walton BBC Radio

"If you want riffs, riffs and more riffs with a whole ton of excitement then The Quiet Hours is the album for you" Sludgelord

"Recluse strike the right balance between classic rock and modern rock." Big Cheese Mag
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Track Name: Horrible Beautiful
face down in the cold ground
eye-level with dirt
the only legacy he left was
lost days a borrowed shirt

honey, if you want me to...
I'd lose my teeth for you

Tattoo my name across your liver
with a practised, shaking hand
riddled with fragility
I'd pray to anyone

honey, if you want me to...
I'd leave them all for you

One more time
I won't yawn again
I'll sleep again
get warm again
I'm drawing circles on my chest again
I'm yours again
I'm yours again

face down in the cold ground
mouthfuls of earth
the only legacy he left was
just debt and a borrowed suit

honey, if you want me to...
do anything for you
Track Name: Move Me
"I like to watch"
he says it slowly through his broken teeth
I whisper sweet nothings to no-one
don't need to feel because my eyes are like a god to me
tonight, anyway

oh me, poor me
move me

Play it right, you'll be the last thing
that this pretty vulture sees
tonight, anyway
swap your shakes for shudders
like your friends for lovers
tonight, anyway

I like to watch

Oh, what is this?
I don't know what he keeps inside
but, he's living like
a lightning strike least tonight
Track Name: Temper
Look after that hole in your heart
motionless, not unseen
save up all my sunny days
rival, bring me your love
not your temper

I felt just like I did when we burned the circus down
you hate me now
just because I can't bring myself to change
your ideas are just so...

I'm ashamed now to be myself
oh, I know...I hide it well
underneath my temper
Track Name: Now You're Gone
One of us will lay here one day
at home inside the ground
there's a shadow in the kitchen
shaped like you

I reminisce about the sweet beginning
as I curse the bitter end
she doesn't even have the grace to sleep like you

Now you're gone
I find myself holding on
to the memory of you
that I embellish
more and more
as time goes on

now you're gone
Track Name: Leper Captain
and save me from the daydream
you are the world to me
for fifteen minutes, at least

through the lanes
over the roofs
I will think of you
may my gaze never falter in stoned adoration

I want another leper captain

just don't be without a friend
come on, smell the end
oh, I swear you'd love me drunk
of course I love you
that's why...

I want another leper captain
Track Name: Machine's Way
you speak in your sleep
in a language of your own devising
there's no cause
there's just consequence
and a silence that lives inside your room
I only hung on for you

These wires, that keep me here
just electricity
nothing... compared to you
I feel you here
in darkness,
where could I have gone?

I think I've known you for too long
my escape would be uncertain now
I twist in your arms
now your kisses
how they burn my throat
and scar my face.

I only hung on for you
Track Name: Soothe
Treat yourself to a hole in the ground
and learn to idolise the fiction
of different writers over decades
strange...this is so familiar...yeah

Shapes pulled like sleeplessness from page
I breathe your name on glass in secret
did you burrow so deep you'll never die?
zealot...this is too familiar...yeah

subterranean, I'm the king of my dirt
snake-oil salesman
soothe the holy-water burn

your idol was drawn in dying colours
when you're gone you make no more mistakes
though he lived capable of anything
his last words? "I'm not built for this"
Track Name: Bury Us Seperately
I reject your child and mysticism
stab me here, where my heart used to be
on a shelf inside your room
I was jealous of it's view

This isn't lonely, I've been here before
this is just a swinging bulb
and a hardwood floor
...but it used to be my home

oh, I believe you now

You're where my heart used to be

You resented the currency of the lost
they gave you pounds of flesh until the penny dropped
but it dropped

through the night, heavy with rain
it's not much use...but no-one's haunting you

I'm where your heart used to be
Track Name: Augustus
Augustus came, he still gets headaches
split him right in two...if they could
Iron studs and a cane
it's all that keeps me sane
all that keeps me sane
...if that's what it is

kids got sick down in the basement
chained up to the wall in good faith
a lying tongue and the shame
it's all that keeps me sane
all that keeps me sane
...if that's what it is
Track Name: Ectropian
It's hot as sleep in here
I cry through broken eyes
you should be more like your brother
less distressed, but still disguised
take a bite from the apple of my eye

Here it comes again
days are good or bad
I'd only know you by night
but the voices, I hear them all

I hate to say it
but the prize is taking part
oh you, with your 'warmth in the arms of sadness'
like lyrics are soaked in rain
I know she hates my voice
but loves to watch me talk
every word I say
every word is nonsense
every word is strained
but I understand it all
every word I say
every word
Track Name: Cherry
It was the girls that did it,
they were never good enough
if there was one thing Jimmy knew,
it was how to give up
but it's hard to look cool
pulling fruit from a tree
on the farm you raise your family on

I love you my girl
as young as you are
moths circle dying bulbs
but I feel the part
I've been near limousines
I whisper to the trees
and go back to putting food in the ground

I'd buy a new suit every day of the week
and spend all the rest
boy, I love to drink
now it's just wine with dinner, occasionally
so drink a bottle of this and be like me
Track Name: I Only Pretend To Know
Missing trains
I sleep for fifteen hours a day
she turns to me
and crushes out a cigarette
and says "Where does it all go?"
I turn away
I only pretend to know